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M.S. Graduate Student Assistantship (Assistantship.pdf)

The Small Grains Breeding, Soybean Breeding, and Soybean Genomic programs at Virginia Tech individually and collectively offer excellent scientific and professional experiences to students and others interested in crop improvement, genomics, breeding, and plant genetics. Our strengths include research opportunities in the lab and the field, and a collaborative environment in which students can learn from lab members across programs with diverse areas of expertise.  Graduate student research takes advantage excellent facilities at Virginia Tech.

Graduate Studies in Plant Breeding at VT

Both the Small Grains Breeding Program and the Soybean Breeding Program develop superior commercial varieties of crops.  Student research encompasses the lab and the field. Typically, in addition to working on individual research projects, students assist with regular breeding program activities such as planting and harvest.  Working in a public breeding program engaged in variety development provides you with crucial exposure to the connection between the lab and the field.  There is no replacement for hands-on experience with breeding for yield
Potential students who are interested in becoming plant breeders are encouraged to contact Dr. Carl Griffey.                                                        Testimonials: